Tim Lodge, one of IPrime’s top researchers in Microstructured Polymers, has been named 2015 Herman F. Mark Award winner

Regents Professor Timothy P. Lodge was recently honored at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts as the 2015 Herman F. Mark Polymer Chemistry Award winner for outstanding research in polymer science. Bestowed once every two years, the Herman F. Mark Award is the highest honor given by the ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry.

“The Herman Mark Award Symposium in honor of Timothy Lodge” was held during the ACS Meeting, where Lodge and Regents Professor Frank Bates offered plenary lectures highlighting Lodge’s research accomplishments. Lodge’s original contributions to the understanding of polymer solutions, particularly involving ionic liquids, have greatly advanced the fundamental underpinnings of the discipline while providing society with exciting new technology. He is considered to be among the most influential scientists and educators in the field of polymer science.

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