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IPrime focuses on creating opportunities for professionals in industry to collaborate with students and researchers at the University of Minnesota. This exchange provides a productive environment for addressing key areas in interfacial and materials science.

2015 IPrime Annual Meeting
Poster Session 4Aaron Clapp CPF-OEI 2

May 26-28, 2015

        2015 Meeting Highlights

Member Companies (PDF)
Dr. Teri Hermel-Davidock, IPrime Member (video)
Bob Lade, PhD candidate (video)
Ankit Mahajan, PhD candidate (video)

The 2015 Poster Winners

 Poster winners all 2

Jake Brutman, Karen Haman, Justin Watts, Pooja Jambunathan, Tim Gillard, Tim Pearce, Ankit Mahajan, Bryce Williams, Suyue Chen

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