U Awarded $850K for Hydro-Fracking Waste Research

Larry Wackett, IPrime Biocatalysis and Biotechnology program faculty, is the leader researcher on a $600,000 federal grant exploring new technologies to reduce hydraulic fracturing pollution. The team received an additional $250K award from the U's Minnesota Futures grant program to research solutions.

Defining and Mitigating Against Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Fracking
Abstract - MN Futures Grant Program 
Lawrence Wackett, Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics

Wackett's team will comprehensively study the environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Fracking is a method of gas and oil extraction from shale layers -- and it's among the most important energy and environmental issues facing society today.

Six scholars from different disciplines will study the fate of, and risk from, fracking chemicals and develop new bioremediation technologies for cleaning the polluted waters.

Alptekin Aksan, Mechanical Engineering
Jeffrey Bielicki, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Lynda Ellis, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Steve Heilman, Biotechnology Institute
Elizabeth Wattenberg, Environmental Health Sciences

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