Spotlight on Biocatalysis & Biotechnology

A sampling of many recent innovations by IPrime's Biocatalysis and Biotechnology (BB) program faculty:

Mark Distefano, Chemistry

Harnessing the power of proteins
by combining chemistry and biology to defeat cancer cells, create methods for "green" chemical synthesis and more.

Michael Sadowsky, Soil, Water and Climate & Biotech Inst


Launched the start up company CIPAC with Alexander Khoruts, Medical School, focusing on treatment using live bacterial preparation that could stop infection caused by the bacterium Clostridium difficile.



Working on the Minnesota Mississippi Metagenome Project (M3P). M3P is a ground-breaking effort using new technology to catalog aquatic bacteria of the Mississippi River to understand human impact on the river's microbial ecosystem as it travels.


Claudia Schmidt-­Dannert
Biochemistry, Molec Biology & Biophysics

Shaping biological compounds by
experimenting with cutting and pasting genes from unrelated organisms to produce novel pathways never before seen in nature.

Lawrence Wackett, Biochemistry, Molec Biology & Biophysics

Patent issued: Distal Tip of Biosensor Transducer Comprising Enzyme for Deamination

Ping Wang Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering
with Xiaodong Tong

Patent issued: Heat Resistant Bioactive Composition