IPrime's Tsapatsis (NMP) and Norris (NMP and REM) Publish Back-To-Back Articles in Science

The July 31 issue of Science contains back-to-back articles from IPrime researchers. In the first article, the Tsapatsis group (NMP) reports a method to eliminate defects from porous zeolite membranes that have applications in the filtration and separation of small molecules [1]. In the second article, the Norris group (NMP & REM), in collaboration with the Oh group from Electrical and Computer Engineering, describes a simple technique to create ultrasmooth patterned metals for applications in plasmonics and metamaterials [2].

[1] J. Choi, H.-K. Jeong, M. A. Snyder, J. A. Stoeger, R. I. Masel, M. Tsapatsis, Science 325, 590 (2009). (link)
[2] P. Nagpal, N. C. Lindquist, S.-H. Oh, D. J. Norris, Science 325, 594 (2009).