IPrime Welcomes 6 Industrial Fellows

Since the inception of the Industrial Fellows IPrime program, over 125 IPrime Industrial Fellows from 33 companies have participated in this program. 

Boston Scientific (Maggie Zeng)
"Impact of polymer crosslinking on particulate profile of a
hydrophilic coating used in a medical device"

Cabot (Arthur Scholz)
"Development of AFM techniques for studying interactions
between polymers nanoparticles"

INOAC (Ayumu Sakai)
"Preparation and characterization fine cell EBR/PEO foams"

Nitto (Koki Tomioka)
"Numerical simulation of viscoelastic flows in a film forming

Stratasys (Jenny Zhu)
"Applying water-based coatings on 3D printed parts"

Upsher-Smith (Justin Song)
"Drug-product-representative excipient compatibility by