CEMS/Arkema research team win 2014 American Coatings Award

A team of researchers from the University of Minnesota and Arkema Inc. won the coveted 2014 American Coatings Award for their groundbreaking research on finding more sustainable ways for latex particles to form films, which promises to reduce the need for volatile organic compounds as traditional coalescing aids. Their paper, "Stress Development and Film Formation in Multiphase Composite Latexes" concluded that it is possible to produce soft core/hard shell latex materials, in terms of their film formation and their applications in binders in paint formulations. The first author on the paper is CEMS graduate student Kyle Price (shown in photo) and co-authors are Wenjun Wu and Kurt Wood from Arkema Inc., undergraduate researcher Stephanie Kong, Prof. Alon McCormick and Prof. Lorraine Francis. The research was primarily supported by the NSF GOALI program with Kong's undergraduate research support from the NSF MRSEC REU program. The team was presented with a trophy and a check for $2,500 in prize money.

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