Bhan Awarded McKnight Land-Grant Professorship

The University of Minnesota will award Assistant Professor Aditya Bhan the McKnight Land-Grant Professorship, a two-year appointment starting July 1, 2011.

Assistant Professor Bhan is a member of IPrime's REM program. Research in the Bhan group focuses on structural and mechanistic characterization of catalysts for conversion of biomass and natural gas to fuels and chemicals.

This award provides two years of funding to support Bhan's research on developing catalytic processes for converting biomass to hydrocarbons fuels using staged and stratified reactor configurations.

The University of Minnesota Graduate School founded the McKnight Land Grant Professorship program in 1987 as a way to recognize the school's most promising junior faculty. The program is intended to help advance the careers of assistant professors in the early states of their careers and recognize them for their potential for significant future contributions to their discipline.